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Katie Johnson

Katie Johnson – PTS, DTS Level 1 & BA Culinary Arts

Katie is a Certified Personal Training Specialist PTS and is DTS Level 1 Certified by Darby Training Systems. She also holds a Bachelor of Culinary Arts degree from the acclaimed New England Culinary Institute in Vermont. Her passion is helping people to move well, working to identify movement imbalances, increase mobility & improve overall movement patterns.

Outside of training clients, she coaches the Sweat Series Bootcamps classes, which are focused on full body conditioning and is suitable for beginners to seasoned athletes. Katie’s workouts are fun, challenging and designed to incorporate strength and endurance training. Her training and experience has helped a wide variety of clients ranging in age, and fitness levels to achieve their fitness goals.

If you would like to meet with Katie to find out if she’s the right trainer for you, email info@circuitfit.comRe: Train with Katie