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Tamara Brydges – B.A. Psychology

Tamara holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and is a Certified Personal Trainer & Life Coach. She trains intuitively based on what her clients need that day, she will always have you working hard, getting stronger and leaving the session feeling accomplished. Tamara wears her iconic red stop watch to every session and doesn’t carry her phone with her on the floor. When she is with you, she is present. That’s a promise.

Tamara is passionate about teaching her clients exercise technique and gets really excited when she can transform a novice client into one who no longer feels intimidated working out alone.

She believes that the BEST workout program for her clients is the one that they enjoy and will be consistent with and she has the tools to help them figure that out.

Tamara strives to make an impact on each client she works with and has helped many people lose fat, gain strength, do a full push up, grow a butt and even get back into pre-baby clothes.

She believes there is no greater path to confidence than being in the gym and learning what your body is capable of.

When she is not in session, Tamara teaches ASS Class. A strength training group class she created to introduce her clients to one another, create a fun community and to teach people how to properly execute the mechanics of a squat, lunge and deadlift so they can feel good about their butt and legs. Not only does she value educating her clients, but also herself so she remains on point in her knowledge- she is currently in the process of upgrading to National Strength and Conditioning Association’s CPT (2019)

If you’d like to meet with her to see if she’s the right trainer for you, email Re: Train with Tam